Jesus Images, GIF, 3D Pictures, Wallpapers, Photos Free Download for Whatsapp DP

By | August 22, 2018

Jesus Images, GIF, 3D Pictures, Wallpapers, Photos Free Download for Whatsapp DP: We live at an age that helps moral relativism and religious pluralism. Jesus Christ represents the religion of Christianity and we are all aware of it. It is one of the most popular religions. Even if you are not a Christian still you know a lot about Jesus Christ because of the festivals which we also celebrate like Christmas. Jesus has a lot of followers and he came to the earth in order to remove every kind of greed, selfishness, sins, corrupt practices. He taught everyone how to live a life by following moral values and the benefit of staying true. So let’s learn in detail why people follow Jesus Christ and who is Jesus Christ and his entire journey.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ?

Before 2000 years there was a man whose name was Jesus Christ and was born in the land of Bethlehem which is in Israel. He was considered to be unique because he was fully human but fully god. It is believed that he born on this land in human form because he wanted to live in this land and suffer among other people and offer salvation and forgiveness to everyone who believes. One can know about his birth, death, resurrection, and mission as it is mentioned properly in the old testament of the Bible. 

Jesus Images, GIF, 3D Pictures, Wallpapers, Photos Free Download for Whatsapp DP

Jesus Images

Jesus Images

He used to live during the rule of the Roman Empire. He used to preach as well as perform various miracles for almost 3 and half years and then he was crucified by Romans. He died on the wooden cross and then was buried in the tomb. The life of Jesus did not end after his death because he was resurrected. It is said that as he was very perfect so he was able to easily open the doorway that led to the kingdom of gods.  He also forgave all our sins so that we can easily get accepted into the kingdom of God.

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Jesus GIF


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Jesus Animated GIF

Birth of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the religious leader of the Christianity and all his teachings and life is recorded in the Bible. He is considered to be the central figure of Christianity and he was said to be the reincarnated form of God by the people all over the world. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in circa 6 BC. In order to live a spiritual life, all his teachings are followed by the people who are from the Christian religion. It is believed that he sacrificed his life for compensating all the sins of the people and rose from death. Jesus’s mother was Mother Mary who was a virgin and was betrothed or engaged to Joseph who was a carpenter. During the reign of the great Herod, Jesus Christ was born.

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Jesus Wallpapers

Preachings of Jesus Christ

The preaching of a god makes people follow them and devote themselves. The teachings of Jesus Christ has not only made several people follow his path but have also helped people to improve their way of living by indulging themselves into good deeds. We all know that life can be pretty much difficult but if one can follow the practical teachings of Jesus Christ then it will definitely improve their life. So the teachings of Jesus Christ were:

  1. Jesus always told his devotees to love God as well as love the neighbours and replace all the hate by loving them and use kindness instead of anger and one can see that their life will gradually improve. You can keep Jesus wallpapers in your house and look at it whenever you are feeling low.
  2. He also told everyone to treat others the way they want to get treated in return. If one can improve their lives today by respecting others then they will also be getting the same respect and kindness.
  3. God is always there to help his children so he told everyone to communicate with God and express gratitude and tell everything that you want from them. If one can do sincere prayer then they can easily gain power that can be life-changing.
  4. Having faith is very important and it means to trust your God and to follow all the teachings. Everyone should have faith because it helps them to differentiate between right and wrong.
  5. He always told people to forgive or to pardon people instead of blaming them for a particular offense or a mistake. It is told to give them forgiveness and allow them to have a new life or a fresh start. Even if someone is offending you or hurting you still you need to forgive them and free them from every kind of negative feelings.
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Why is Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December when Jesus Christ was born. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the Christians as well as other people also celebrate this day in a grand way. On this day, the Christmas dinner is cooked and carols are sung and the Christmas tree is decorated. Children also wait for their mythical character that is Santa Claus to come and shower them with gifts. This is altogether a huge festival among the Christians. It is said that on this day Jesus Christ was born to uproot all the negative things from the earth and to surround people with positivity. All his teachings contributed a lot to the mankind. Churches are decorated and fireworks are encountered on this auspicious day. Jesus Images are exchanged on this day as a part of the gift.

If you want to remember Jesus Christ on every other day then you can easily keep Jesus Images in your wallet or in your house. Keeping faith in a particular god is very important as it helps to increase positivity in our mind and give us faith that we can overcome everything. If one can follow the teachings of Jesus Christ then it can improve their living standards. You can also download Jesus images from the internet and keep it on your phone and remember your god every time.

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