Top 52+ Lord Hanuman Images, GIF, 3D Photos & Wallpapers Download

By | August 13, 2018

Lord Hanuman Images, GIF, 3D Photos & Wallpapers Download for Whatsapp DP & Facebook Profile Picture: Hanuman is the zoomorphic character present in the Indian mythology and is known as the God. The history of mythology knows him by the name of the child of Wind God. He was known as the monkey child who is possessing an enormous amount of strength with a very keen intellect and has mastered Vedas. He is also known to be the devotee of Lord Rama who was a hero of epic Ramayana and he also possessed the ability to easily take any kind of form which he wishes.

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

One can find a lot of reference to Hanuman in Ramayana. It was Ravana who was the demon and abducted Sita who was the wife of the Rama, the exiled prince. It was when Ravana was taking away Sita in the chariot and she noticed some monkeys who was in the top of a mountain so she threw down all her ornaments so that when Rama will come searching for his wife he can see the monkeys. There were four monkeys among which one was Hanuman. So the monkey group gave a lot of information to Rama about his wife Sita. They also helped him in building a bridge so that they can easily cross the seas and it was a huge monkey army responsible for storming the demon’s stronghold and taking Sita from them. Today we will publish the top Lord Hanuman Images & GIF for Whatsapp and Facebook.

Top 52+ Lord Hanuman Images, GIF, 3D Photos & Wallpapers Download

Lord Hanuman Images

So, one can know a lot about Hanuman from the battle between the Ravana and the Rama. He served a very important part for saving Sita from the hands of Ravana as he used to fly across oceans in order to locate the proper place where Sita was kept or imprisoned and used to bring the entire information to Rama. When he was on his quest for Sita, he also set the place on fire as a warning to Ravana about the impending attack that is going to happen if they didn’t set Sita free. Apart from killing a lot of demons, in general, he also saved Rama’s brother’s life. This is the reason why Hanuman is so famous in many pages of the history of mythology. He was a devotee of Lord Rama and now there are many people who are his devotee. He is the flag bearer of strength, honesty, and faithfulness. So here is the list of Lord Hanuman ImagesLord Hanuman GIFLord Hanuman PicsLord Hanuman Photos, Lord Hanuman Wallpapers, Lord Hanuman Whatsapp DP.

Hanuman Images

Hanuman Images

Lord Hanuman Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Lord Hanuman Images


Lord Hanuman Image


Lord Hanuman Image for Whatsapp


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Lord Hanuman GIF, 3D Animation for Whatsapp & Facebook

Lord Hanuman GIF


Lord Hanuman GIF for Whatsapp


Hanuman 3D GIF

Hanuman 3D GIF


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Hanuman Wallpapers


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Lord Hanuman Wallpapers

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Lord Hanuman HD Photos


Hanuman Pics

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Lord Hanuman DP


Lord Hanuman Whatsapp DP


Lord Hanuman DP for Whatsapp

Life of Hanuman

Hanuman was born in Vanaras. Anjana who was an Apsara was his mother and she was born on this earth as a result of a curse which she was able to redeem after giving birth to Hanuman. It is said that his mother Anjana got married to the Kesari who was the monkey’s chief. When the couple prayed to Lord Shiva for their own son then Hanuman was born through the Wind of God. So Hanuman comes with two names: that is Vayu Putra that is Wind’s Son and Kesari Nandan that is Kesari’s son. So many people come with the question that why people calls him Hanuman? Then the thing is when Hanuman was growing he actually grew up to a huge size and used to jump like monkeys and behave like monkeys. So he used to tell his mother what he should eat and then his mother pointed to the sun and told him that he can eat anything that used to look like that which generally indicated ripe fruits. There are many more stories that are related to Hanuman for his incredible, strength, and courage.

Important festivals of Hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti is one of the important festivals for the hanuman bhakts. The Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Hanuman who is considered to be a prominent hero who contributed a lot to the epic Ramayana. In the month of Chaitra lunar, Hanuman Jayanti is observed and it is celebrated in a grand way in the Hindu temples.

During this time the Hindus worship Hanuman. It is said that if anyone wants to reach Lord Rama for terminating their sorrows then they can only reach him through Hanuman. It is also known as if one can recite Hanuman Chalisa then it will give them enough strength for overcoming all the sorrows as well as gain some Supernatural powers. This is the reason why this day is encountered as a grand festival among the Hindus.

Importance of Hanuman in our life

Hanuman has a lot of followers and everyone follows him for his incredible courage, strength and the teachings. Everybody has a God whom they have a faith in. If you are a bhakt of Lord Hanuman then Hanuman Chalisa must be a right way for you to gain positivity. Hanuman is the famous deities in Hinduism religion and is known as the ultimate friend, savior, and loyal companion. Hanuman was gifted with the Mrityunjaya boon which indicated that he is immortal. The teachings of Hanuman help a person to overcome any situation because he was strong but humble and he was pure. He always told his devotees to be wise and brave in every situation. Humbleness and politeness were taught by him and he said not to accept any kind of excuses and not to give any. He always believed that being dynamic is the ultimate solution and being a good friend is important in life.

Why do we keep images of Hanuman?

It is the belief of people that makes them keep images of their God on whom they have faith in.  If you can keep the images of Hanuman in your wallet or in your house then whenever you will look at it it will give you an enormous amount of strength to overcome any kind of situation. It is the faith that helps us to get rid of evil power and the teachings that ensures that we are on the right track in our life. Every god teaches us to follow the good path and told us that every evil power will eventually get destroyed.

So this is a short description that will explain why people are so much devoted towards Hanuman and why he was so famous in the pages of Ramayana and Mahabharata.


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